Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leather and Lace

I know it's spring, but I think a leather skirt is one of those items that is always in style. So, here is a leather skirt with a spring twist.How cute is that lace top? I think it is feminine and takes away some of the edginess that is typically associated with leather.

Elizabeth and James  $395 $517.00
Jimmy Choo - Rhea
Jimmy Choo $619.00

Body Shape

It's widely known that everyone's body has a different shape. Therefore, it is best to wear clothes that compliment your body shape. Here is a brief review of all the different body shapes and the clothes that compliment each shape.

Thick waist and tummy; waist is not defined. The hips and shoulders are the same width.
Do wear: A-line skirts and dresses, V necks, tailored jackets, wide leg trousers, empire cut pieces, knee length skirts that flow and do not cling to body.
Don't wear: ruffles, bulky fabric, fabric that clings to the body, tight fitting clothes, straight pants and skirts, and clothes with defined waistlines.

The hips and bust are in proportion; waist is defined.
Do wear: fitted clothes, straight pants and skirts, clothes with defined waistlines, wrap dresses, A-line skirts.
Don't wear: loose clothes, tapered pants and pleated skirts, empire cut pieces.

Inverted Triangle
Broad shoulders, big bust and narrow hips.
Do wear: A-line skirts, dresses and skirts that flow from the waist, single breasted blazers and flared pants, tunic dresses, one strap dresses, boot cut and cargo pants.
Don't wear: High necklines, big collars, bulky fabric, or styles that make shoulders appear bigger, off the shoulder tops and dresses, and sweetheart neckline.

Narrow shoulders and broad hips. The goal is to avoid wearing anything that makes the hips look bigger. Avert attention from the hips.
Do wear: shirts with embellishment and defined shoulders, low cut shirts, A-line dresses, tops with ruffles, wide leg trousers, full flowing skirts, and wear coats with structured shoulders.
Don't wear: bottoms that are made of bulky fabric because it will make hips look wider, skinny and cargo pants, polo shirts and loose tops.

Little to no waistline. Hips and bust are in proportion.This shape differs from the apple shape because squares  are straight.Apples tend to be round. Try to define your waist.
Do wear: A-line and tulip skirts, tops with ruffles and embellishment, high neck tops, coats with belts and flared coats, and incorporate belts into your wardrobe.
Don't wear: Straight skirts, low necklines and baggy clothes.
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