Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Time To Flip Your Tassel And Toss Your Cap

The time has come for you to rejoice over all the hard work you put in over the years. As you you pick up your cap and gown, you think about the new adventures that await you and a sense of excitement over takes you.Suddenly, you realize you have several tasks to carry out, which includes finding something to wear to your graduation ceremony. 

Unless you are attending a graduation ceremony in the winter, you will most certainly want to wear something that is lightweight. A majority of people tend to graduate in the late spring or summer.As a result, you can expect to spend a lot of time taking pictures outdoors.With that being said, you want to wear something that you are comfortable in. I suggest you find a dress that fits good.The dress will fit under the gown perfectly.Try not to wear anything that is too fussy or extravagant. As for shoes, pick a pair that will not torture your feet.If you can handle wearing heels for long hours, go for it.If not, I suggest wearing a kitten heel or flats. The time of the ceremony may also influence the dress you choose. For evening or night ceremonies you may opt for a nicer dress as opposed to picking a casual one because you may go out to dinner after the ceremony.Morning ceremonies just require a casual dress.If you decide to wear a skirt, make sure it is shorter than your gown and go for a top that is simple, yet snazzy. Remember to enjoy the moment!

Wrap around dress
$440 -

Bustier dress
70 GBP -

Turquoise top
250 GBP -

Carven wool skirt
225 GBP -

Halston platform shoes
$313 -

Black pump shoes
299 NOK -

TopShop patent leather pumps
$128 -

Citizen gold jewelry
240 GBP -

Charm face jewelry
$78 -

Precious Moments Graduation
$27 -

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