Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eccentric Style

Her makeup and costumes in the video are intriguing. The imagery in the video is amazing.Take a look.

Tickled Pink

I like the color pink. In fact, I like all shades of pink from the pastel to the deep pink.When I think of the color pink, I see cherry blossoms blooming,pink macaroons and dragon fruit. Since it is spring, it is only fitting that I create an ensemble with pink clothing.
Style Advice: If you want to copy the look, but can't find a similar skirt, I suggest wrapping and pinning a silk scarf around a grey skirt. If you find that to be too bothersome, then tie a pink ribbon around your waist in the shape of a bow. If all else fails, just wear a pink belt.

Dorothy Perkins ruffle blouse
30 GBP -

Pepe Jeans
200 EUR -

Wrap around skirt
$77 -

L.A.M.B. platform heels
$365 -

FOSSIL vintage watch
$115 -

Platinum engagement ring
$2,225 -

Silver drop earring
29 GBP -

Ray Ban aviator sunglass
$159 -

NARS Eye Shadow Trio - Okinawa
$45 -

MAC Tinted Lipglass
$15 -

Rose The One (EDP, 75ml)
67 GBP -


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Additional Pink Clothing

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