Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great Expectations

Designer Rachel Roy and New York Knicks player Amare Stoudemire plan to work together to create a  clothing line for women.The line will be exclusive to certain Macys stores. The clothing line will consist of casual pieces.I definitely plan to make a trip to a Macys to check out the line once it is released. I look forward to seeing the items from their line.The line is expected to debut later this year.
{Source,Tresdope and secondcitystyle}

Since I'm discussing Rachel Roy, I included some items from her 2011 spring/summer collection.Take a look below.

Rachel Roy ruffle dress
$695 -

Rachel Roy cotton dress
$444 -

Short sleeve dress
$89 -

Rachel Roy sleeveless blouse
$275 -

Platform sandal
$149 -

Rachel roy shoes
$139 -

$139 -

Snakeskin high heels
$119 -

Rachel Roy peep toe shoes
$110 -

Peep toe pumps
$109 -

$89 -

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It's As Simple As Black And White

I mentioned in my last post how much I enjoy putting black and white clothing together.I think wearing black clothing with white clothing creates a edgy, yet polished look. As for the zebra pictures I included in the post,  they really seemed appropriate. The colors of the zebra are so beautiful and they match the post's theme so well. I more so wanted to focus on the colors of the zebra and not the pattern.However, the pattern is so wonderful, I decided to include some zebra print items as well.You should try putting some black and white clothing together.It will create a sophisticated look.

Ralph Lauren shrug cardigan
740 EUR -

Draped top
23 GBP -

Versace patent heels
355 GBP -

Michael Kors leather hobo handbag
$995 -

Ileana Makri white gold jewelry
2.040 EUR -

TopShop button jewelry
$28 -

Blumarine zebra print dress
2.298 EUR -

Emilio Pucci satin dress
$1,595 -

Zebra dress
160 GBP -

T Bags fringe top
51 GBP -

Alice by Temperley zebra tank
$125 -

Rue21 lace bra
$7.99 -

Jimmy Choo platform wedge heels
$595 -

L.A.M.B. platform heels
$325 -

Zebra print bag
$17 -

Dorothy Perkins cotton dress
40 GBP -

Diane von Furstenberg ivory dress
268 GBP -

Prom dress
195 GBP -

Sport dress
$153 -

Versace white knee length skirt
575 EUR -

Yves Saint Laurent canvas skirt
935 GBP -

Leather shoes
155 GBP -

TopShop heeled sandal
$160 -
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