Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trend Spotlight - '70s Chic

Do The Hustle!  Disco parties were very popular during the '70s.On any given night, you were likely to hear music being blasted from the speakers and see a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Women typically wore ensembles that consisted of  sexy rompers, platform heels and crown headbands. The dance floor was usually surrounded by bright flicking lights, and a large crowd of onlookers sporting wide leg trousers and platform shoes. A DJ was usually located somewhere off to the side of the night club behind a table and on that table you could find a stack of records and a record player.Those disco parties were full of fun and excitement.

The style in the '70s consisted mostly of wide leg trousers and platform shoes.Yet, I am most fond of the flowing skirts and rompers that many women wore during that time. Rompers/jumpsuits are very versatile and can be worn for a casual or semi-formal event.

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Rompers and Headbands


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