Monday, May 23, 2011

Trend Spotlight - White Suit

White pants suits are very popular this spring. I like how versatile they are. They look great with any color.

Betty Jackson Black 80s fashion
65 GBP -

Balmain straight leg pants
1.745 EUR -

Carine Gilson cami
$840 -

Charlotte Olympia court shoes
550 GBP -

Gucci cream bag
649 GBP -

Marc by Marc Jacobs face jewelry
55 GBP -

Link jewelry
$10 -

Sparkle jewelry
$5.99 -


Fashionista622 said...

I'm so loving all the White that is out there and your post is lovely!
Love how you brought out the bright colored shoes with this white and fresh suit!

Julie Hannah said...

Love the bag!

Polishedeyes said...

@Fashionista622 Thanks

@Julie Hannah I like the bag too

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